St Louis – The breath of the culture of food – IronForkEvent 2015 – 40 Restaurants – Union Station

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First time at the Iron Fork event at the St. Louis Union Station Hotel. Friendly atmosphere, feeling of community, many people tasting food, good food, made by 40 hand-selected restaurants of the city’s top culinary talents.

I breathed the desire to change and create the culture of food that still does not belong entirely to this amazing city. Chefs created new great dishes with quality products, simple dishes with one message: eat well and tastefully.

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House cured guanciale with italian vegetables Giardiniera shallot balsamic and molasses jam

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Pork cheek cured with Brown sugar and sea salt ( 900gr of sugar, 850gr of sea salt toasted, 1 Each orange skin, 1 Each lemon skin, 1 Each cinnamon stick, 2 Each bay-leaf, 5 Each  juniper berries, 5 Each Black peppercorn). Spread the meat really well and leave to marinated for 5 days, wash and cook sous vide with a touch of butter, sage time and chive for 24 Hours at 145.

Cut the guanciale on 50 gr per portion and seared, served with shallot jam done cooking shallot with a touch of balsamic vinegar and molasses for 4 hours.

Italian Giardiniera: cut all the seasonal vegetables you would like to use and cook separeted for a few minutes into a stock done with: 1/2 lt of white wine vinegar, 100 gr of Extra virgin olive oil, 100 gr sugar, 30 gr sat, 2 Each bayleaf, 1 Each spring of sage, 1 Lt white wine.

Once the vegetables are cooked leave chill down, mix with extra virgin olive oil and save in a jar into the fridge.