Podolica meat – Carne podolica

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The Apulian cows called “Podoliche” are an ancient bre once used for their attitude to hard work. Today the cows are raised in the wild on Murgia plateau and Gargano, not only for the quality of their milk, from which the famous “caciocavallo podolico” cheese is produced, but also for the quality of their tasty meat.

Carne podolica

I bovini dell’antica razza Podolica pugliese, un tempo utilizzati per la loro attitudine al lavoro, sono oggi allevati allo stato brado nei pascoli della Murgia e del Gargano oltre che per il latte, da cui si ricava il famoso Caciocavallo Podolico, principe dei formaggi a pasta filata, per la qualità della loro carne, sapida e dal gusto intenso.

St. Louis – Day Off and Breakfast at Winslows’s Home

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When you have a day off during the week and a summer time weather, is a MUST have a breakfast out.

I discovered this place less than 2 weeks ago and I have already been four times to taste the full menu, simple with high quality of products.

This time, I tried Avocado on toast (house made nine grain sourdough, sunny up egg, radish, arugula).

I guarantee it was perfect, fresh and tasty.


There is not to much to say, just try it!