Puglia at the table con Percorsi PeriGolosi

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Puglia can be discovered with an intriguing journey through its regional products, their production and manufacturing places, finding out tastes at the same time.
“Percorsi periGolosi” is a precious guide not to get lost in a Region which smells of land and sea, bread and roses; where agriculture is trying to get its supremacy back, not only because it must “feed stomachs” but also because it is fundamental in the preservation of the environment, of the ecosystem, to guarantee our quality of life.
A useful book that everibody should have, easy to consult, rich of descriptions of the products from Puglia which become the lighthouse to get to towns, quarters, farms where the “craftsmen of Puglia tastes” prepare and offer the treasures of our country, a land which welcomed people from the East and the West, those people who are today’s inhabit-
Habits and customs have been mixed up with the passing of time creating a sense of belonging called  “pugliesità” which characterizes also the life of those who migrated in search of jobs and opportunities.
A book about the pride of being “Pugliese” which can be found in the products from the land which are a fundamental part of Puglia cuisine, the core of the Mediterranean diet, a cultural good to protect and enhance because it regards everybody’s health and life.
Have a nice journey through the routes for the gourmand where food makes us feel good because, after all, we are what we eat, and here we eat very well. 
The proof of the pudding is in the eating. 


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