A guide to Puglia specialities

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Puglia is the Mediterranean Region where the land and the people are strongly related. It is certainly one of the oldest areas in Southern Europe. In fact, 120 million years ago, the lands that now are covered by the sea, were inhabited by dinosaurs that used to cross the fields to eat mangroves.
The people who inhabited the region have left signs of their presence. Signs which add a special flavor to the discovery of the region, of its towns and villages, of fields and country roads, of its habitat, sea and lands, but most of all to the rocky landscape of Murgia and Gargano.
The story we tell with “Percorsi periGolosi” (routes for the gourmand), not only narrates a journey into the “misteries of taste”, unveiling old amazing flavors, but also the rural history of an ancient population and the relationship between town and country, ingredients and recipes. Discovering a gluttonous Puglia is like getting to know its towns, habits and traditions.
Remembering the hard work of farmers and shepherds leading flocks of sheep along country paths,
we feel the need to experience their life to understand their daily efforts in producing tasty and
praised products. Walking through the paths of wheat and bread, of oil and wine, of milk, we un-
derstand the identity of the area which emerges in the many products which have become gourmet
specialities, known all over the world witnessing our culture and eating habits.
The history of traditional products from Puglia tells of continuous exchanges of goods and of cultural contaminations which explain the fantasy of the dishes, of the infinite ways to prepare, taste, keep and store food.
Fishing and agriculture were the occupations where men and women from Puglia were experts, helped
by their habitat where they could try not only new farming methods but also different ways to obtain and cook food, becoming the first “gastronauts”, leaving the problems of the South of Italy and of the Mediterranean countries to the future generations.
This book wants to focus on the lives of men and women and on what they are able to get from the
land and the sea in order to process and donate. It is a tribute to the people from Puglia, guardians of a gastronomic culture, of the smell and taste of the region. This book has some limits because it is not easy to describe the richness of our gastronomic patrimony, but there will certainly be new updated editions.
“Percorsi periGolosi” is a journey to discover territories. Through unknown roads and paths we will lead the reader through the emotions that Puglia flavors evoke, aware of the fact that gastronomy is part of the cultural heritage which belongs to the collective memory of a country.
Puglia recipes interpret the marvelous regional history that includes simple and elaborated dishes,
never forgetting the traditions. An example is barley “Salento frise”, soaked in water and seasoned with extra-virgin olive oil, “calzoncelli di ricotta” with ragout sprinkled with grated sheep milk cheese “Canestrato”, “Focaccia” that beats hamburgers, the Adriatic fish, Gallipoli red prawns, Taranto mussels.
Graziella, Lucia, Maria, Filomena, Pasquina are the witnesses of the way the secrets of a unique land are passed from generation to generation.
For these reasons “Percorsi periGolosi” becomes a 24 guide across gluttonous and joyful itineraries. Each product described has been experimented by the “gastronaut” Peppino Colamonaco, creator and inventor of this unprecedented guide, who has visited every corner of Puglia to meet the “makers of taste”, real interpreters of our region’s old gastronomic tradition.This is a short distribution chain, as we say today, which will guide the visitor to the places where
the product is grown and manufactured.
Barley” frisa salentina”, “caciocavallo podolico del Gargano”, pork sausages made by hand, “cardoncello” mushrooms, Lecce potatoes, are the specialities which will lead the traveler to the discovery of eachproduction area.
To conclude, a kind of tourism “bite and stay” but intensely experienced to satisfy every “sense”.



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