St. Louis – Toni’s Calamarata for Mark Birthday

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For Mark’s birthday Toni cooked for all family Calamarata after tasting it in Rome during the trip they had in October.

She asked the recipe at chef Colucci who works at Cielo Restaurant St.Louis.

For 10 people
1kg of Calamarata Pasta
1Kg of Mussles
1kg of Clams
20Each Shrimps
3 Zucchini  cut in half, get out the seeds side and sliced like half moon
10Each Cherry tomato cut in half
20gr Parsley chop
10gr Basil
4Each cloves of garlic
Extra virgin olive oil
1Each glass of dry white wine

In a oven tray put the cherry tomato in half seasoned with salt peppercorn, some leave of basil, a bit of garlic sliced and some skin of lemon and orange, leave dry in the oven at 250 for almost one hour, to get dry and intensified the flavor.

In a pot add a touch of extra virgin olive oil, add 2 cloves of garlic crashed, leave to roast a bit ( gold color) add muscles and clams, white wine, a nice pinch of black fresh peppercorn, add the stems of parsley, and cover with a lid till the sea food will be opened, strain very well the liquid and get out the sea food from the shells, keep on the side.

in another pot roast in a bit of extra virgin olive oil, the rest of garlic crashed, add the zucchini, season with a touch of salt and leave to stew, add shrimps sliced in half, cherry tomato, parsley chopped, leave to stew a bit, add the sea food with the liquid, put in the pasta cooked al dente into salted water and sauté.



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